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AFE Advancing Further 

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Advancing Further Education Group (AFE) is an international education group that offers higher education course development, industry qualification, and human resources consulting services worldwide, headquartered in Washington state, USA, and currently has branch partners in China, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Group's team of education experts and programs have been recognized by more than 100 universities around the world for associate degrees, higher education diplomas, bachelor's degrees, and master's degree preparatory course credits transfer.
All AFE courses are accredited and 
developed in collaboration with many of the world's leading universities and approved as pathways for their master's programs.

New York Office
College Campus

Our Mission

Education Provider 

  • To build a global platform for high-quality educational resources. 

  • To provide students with equal access to education.

  • To provide higher education courses that meet your institution needs . 

  • To lead and enhance the expression of personal values in the workplace.

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