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China Morocco Friendship Association 

The China-Morocco Friendship Association (Ibn Battuta)  is one of the principal organs of the China World Peace Foundation and is dedicated to promoting cultural, economic, and diplomatic understanding between the People’s Republic of China and The Kingdom of Morocco.



CMFA attempts to promote Cultural and economic awareness and understanding of the Moroccan Cultural experience, opportunities including its ramifications for China,  and Vis-Versa by holding cultural, and economic,  forums, and events in Morocco to strengthen the cultural impact of Chinese civilization in Morocco,   

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Cultural Outreach Program

The CMFA Cultural Council is a nonprofit organe serving arts, culture, and heritage with a focus of bringing together both great civilizations similarities and promoting people’s to people’s heritage exchanges . 

Artistique organizations, cultural businesses and industries are welcome to join our membership program that includes a diverse range of artists, and basic contributing members who make our programs and services possible. 

We strengthen and promote Cultural Diplomatie between the two countries  through organizing seminars, expositions, publishing literature,  special initiatives, grant programs, and intellectual dialogues.


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